Panoramic photograph of Lake O'Hara capturing a helicopter at four different positions along it's flight to Abbot Pass Hut.

Helicopter Over Lake O'Hara

To me this photograph is so exciting because it ties in the hope and expectation of an experience I was looking forward to only weekends from when this photograph was taken... a hike up to Abbot Hut which is what I consider one of the greatest hikes my life. But this image is really from a time before this point.... So I couldn't have known this yet. What story this image might come to represent was still unknown.  I did know that once a year they fly up supplies to Abbot Hut. The hut is maintained by the Alpine Club of Canada... it is often used as base camp for mountaineering to reach the nearby summits. 


Abbot Hut as seen from the Plain of Six Glaciers. The hut is just visible above the low point of Abbot Pass it appears as a dark rectangle just above the snow. Victoria Glacier is on the right. 

I first saw the hut the year before, the Abbot Hut is just visible from the other side of these mountains from the Lake Louise side. It is just visible from the Plain of Six Glaciers trail, which ends nearly under Victoria Glacier. I have a bit of fear of heights and when I looked up at the hut I said that I'd never want to go up there. A year later I was excited at the prospect of spending the night there. 

Look at location of the first helicopter, really this is before the journey had really gotten underway. Still in the blue sky is a hopeful time really looking towards the future - the beginning. 

By the time you arrive at the second helicopter you are now in the alpine line... The lack of trees lets you know you're there...  An abrupt change tells you that you're there. You'll know something has changed before you get there. From lake O'hara it's a rewarding climb but you do gain elevation quickly. By the time I reached the summit I saw views and saw parts of a trail that made me wonder if I hadn't seen what I needed and perhaps turning back no would be for the better. 

The photos from up here show me   Very happy and looking forward to day the day had in-store for me.  

The bags under the helicopter appear to be firewood...  In two weeks from here I'll meeting this firewood up at abbot hut. This panoramic was put together with many photos.... Four of them being the same helicopter being caught four different times. To me this really tells a story of abbot hut. But for me this is the only image I need. Let me take you there with just a few more photos.

I've waked this mountain and it was a dream come true for me.